I’m a big proponent of hands on learning. This Wired article talks about how we need to train American kids to be better thinkers and problem solvers.

Against this arresting background, an exciting new kind of learning is taking place in America. Alternatively framed as maker classes, after-school innovation programs, and innovation prizes, these programs are frequently not framed as learning at all. Discovery environments are showing up as culture and entertainment, from online experiences to contemporary art installations and new kinds of culture labs. Perhaps inevitably, the process of discovery $ from our confrontation with challenging ambiguous data, through our imaginative responses, to our iterative and error-prone paths of data synthesis and resolution $ has turned into a focus of public fascination.

I think research programs like KidsteamUB can not only help make new “things” better, but can help child participants be better problem solvers. [zotpressInText item="{NG2FX2DS}"]