In order to maintain a blog for 19 years, one has to be flexible. My first blog used Radio UserLand followed by Blogger on my UMBC account and then Blogger on, hosted Wordpress and then maybe Wordpress on my site that got hacked. I eventually rewrote something like Radio UserLand in Python to blog from the command line and then rewrote the interface to those tools in C# in order to practice making a MacOS app. While I learned a lot, I’ve settled on the Open Source Publii to write my blog now. It creates flat files, sitemaps, tag lists but keeps it database free on the site. 

My goal would be to get all of my posts into Publii but that sounds daunting. In the meantime, I’ve created a link to the Archive of all my posts over the years. Some of it works great, some of it is complete poop as graphics may not have copied over, but it is all there (even my circa 1992 text files I found on a floppy disk.)

The archive can be found at: .