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Baltimore City School System Sucks! (from - City schools to challenge state decision on charters)

Wednesday May 11, 2005

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Baltimore City is trying to block charter schools fom getting the allocated funding. The state says that students who go to charter schools should get the amount of funding that other kids get. If you add up the school district's costs and divide by the amount of students, that equals about $11,000. The city says that with put $13 million strain on the already strained budget.

Baltimore City schools: Stop trying to block the only thing that can help the city schools. You've already messed up the education system in the city, stop being so defensive and just accept your mismanagement.

Being in the education field, I think charter schools are one of the best ideas for Baltimore. Not only do they have the potential to really reach students at a more personal level, but, they have the potential to force the other schools to get their acts together and really improve what they've got. No less important, charter schools offer hope to young couples who want to stay in the city, but, fear the school system.

If you would have done a better job, Baltimore City Schools, then you won't need to give up $11k per student...the parents wouldn't be pounding on the charter schools' doors to have their kids get a safe and effective education. - City schools to challenge state decision on charters