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Dealing with idiot neighbors

Wednesday August 09, 2006

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From the "I'm not angry, just disappointed" file as written by HJC:

I had a little run-in with one of my neighbors.. Apparently, 1 Lemoncello Martini + a couple glasses of wine = liquid courage. It was around 10:30...when I saw both of my suspected foul mouthed neighbors that told off Mo, I confronted them and "hey, did you have a discussion with one of my friends who accidentally parked in front of your house on Sunday?" they said that they were frustrated and had missed their nephew's birthday etc... No cursing was really used in our discussion and they were pretty calm, so I apologized for the confusion with a caveat that I didn't appreciate the way it was handled, especially the language. I told them that next time feel free to knock on doors to find out who's car it is, they said they had already called the city for a tow, but they were taking forever to get there, so then that pissed me off, welcome to the city assholes, where there are lots of people and lots of cars! It ended with HJ giving them a big disappointment lecture and letting them know that I was ashamed to have them as neighbors, and their behavior was completely unacceptable...They said that I didn't need to worry about being ashamed of them, but I said I still was.