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Where is Greg - April 2007

Thursday April 26, 2007

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I've been away from my blog for a while now. In the last 60 days, I've given four different presentations across the country (6 in the last 90 days). Fortunately, two were pretty similar so I didn't need to re-work the content too much.

A recap of my presentations for the year:

January 17th - I was at the Baltimore chapter of the Society of Technical Communicators (STC) and presented on new technologies and their use in communication. The topics included blogs, wikis and podcasts.

January 19th - Presented to Danya International about Creative Uses of New Technologies. Topics included Squeak, blogs, wikis, podcasts, One Laptop Per Child Initiative, and games in learning. They're a great company and are doing really exciting things.

March 10th - I was at the DC chapter of STC. My topics were the same as Baltimore but because it was a progression, I gave the workshop/talk three times in a row!

March 14th - I presented a lecture on using games for learning at the Vuepoint Live conference in Las Vegas. This was a fun talk because most of the audience members worked in corporate training and were very excited about games they could use in their projects.

April 18th - Last week, I went to Bloomsburg University's Institute for Interactive Technologies' Corporate Advisory Council. I gave a quick 45 minute talk about the experiences I've had switching from a resource (internal) model to an out-source model to create online learning at my current employer. [link]

April 25th - I presented at the 7th Annual Training Forum entitled "The Power of Play: Effective Training Through Games and Simulations." My co-speakers were Karl Kapp [link] and Steve Sugar [link] My biggest audience yet...I think there were more than 200!