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Sailing Terms Flash-cards Re-post

Thursday May 10, 2007

Estimated Reading Time: Less than one minutes

It's sailing season again in the lovely Baltimore Harbor. Here is a re-post from mere weeks after I learned to sail. Hopefully, I'll add to them before my ASA 103 Course.

In preparation for classes and shunning all of my multimedia instructional technology skills, I made a pdf of flash cards that contain important sailing terms for beginners. I'm sure there are WAY more terms, but this is my first downloadable thingy for people.

[Flashcard link]

From the README:

You will need a printer with manual feed. I used the Epson CX4600.

There are 16 pages. The ODD numbered pages are the terms and the EVEN number pages are the definitions.

When you print, print the odd pages first. When they have printed, take them out as a stack and place them back into the paper feeder with the first printed page set up to be the first page printed. Go ahead and print the even pages then. Make sure you have the pages rotated correctly in the paper feeder.

After they are printed, make sure the term corresponds to the term on the back. Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut to the correct size.