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More on my reference design for an open game console

Friday February 15, 2008

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I found this the other day and think it would be perfect for the Game Distribution network for my non-existing open console. It is called OpenCDS and it is being used for the open-source game OpenFrag.

From OpenFrag's website (

OpenCDS is a Valve$$ Steam$$ inspired application, where you are able to easily browse, download, manage, update, run games. OpenCDS is completely written in Java and therefore a very cross-platform application. With the ability to customize your OpenCDS, using skins and plugins, you are able to receive the application in your language. With a sophisticated download and manage system, you are able to keep your enlisted games up to date, and therefore opt-in for optimal game experience.

I'm not sure if this is the same project as on the Java OpenCDS site (

I think this could definitely meet one of my open system's requirements.