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Tuesday February 03, 2009

Estimated Reading Time: Less than one minutes

Today we talked about quantitative data via surveys. The two papers we discussed were John Bertot's paper $Web-based surveys: Not your basic survey anymore$ from Library Quarterly and 'survey research and libraries: Not necessarily like in the textbooks$ also from Library Quarterly.

A couple of interesting topics were brought up: survey question changes in longitudinal studies, advantages of web surveys, and importance of quantitative vs qualitative.

One of the things I$m going to try to do in this reflective journal is to relate what we talked about to my previous and future research.

I have not had to do surveys yet for my research. Most of the ones I planned for the Qualitative class were just academic practices. I could see myself using a branching survey for my research on co-designing educational video games especially once the game is designed and it is being $tested$ with groups. A generalized survey could give me data on what kinds of video game systems are in the house hold, hours playing games, computers, economic data, etc. A post-play survey would give me some quantitative data with Lichert scales on the opinions about the game play.