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Class reflection from 2-25-2009

Wednesday February 25, 2009

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This week, we talked about research ethics. It was pretty straight forward. We reviewed three different code of ethics from the following organizations: American Association of University Professors, American Psychological Association, and Association for Computing Machinery. They were, again, straight forward but it seemed like the APA had very strict guidelines. In class, we discussed that the more harm a group can do, in this case Psychologists, the more intense their ethical core needs to be. Conversely, a group may create an intense code of ethics to seem more important (I$m looking at you ALA).

Since my research is so intertwined with kids and technology, I understand the importance of research ethics. I$m going to try and find some official guidelines for research and children.

In the meantime, I thought I would share my visualizations of the ethics codes of the three groups we looked at.


Notice that the main topic is professors and academic then institution and students is in there somewhere.


Wow, they really like their name. At least ethics is visible.


In this one, responsibility is pretty pronounced as well as professional. I like that.