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Tuesday September 14, 2010

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I'm in a tough spot. My entire career depends on research and writing and I need a way to keep all of my bibliographic resources in one (safe) place.

I like using LaTeX for writing papers, but, it is so unwieldy when it comes to getting feedback from my team because we like to use the (say what you will) the excellent commentary tools in Word. I really like the BibTex file format/concept for storing my bibliography for my papers, proposal, and dissertation because it keeps everything in one place and, through tools like BibDesk, I can easily integrate them into Word. I do not like EndNote because it is such a resource hog. I didn't "love" Zotero, a product from GW, but I didn't hate it either. It worked with Word and I can export to BibTex if I need to.

Now that I've used LaTeX/BibTex, Word/BibTex, Word/EndNote, and Word/Zotero, I'm going to standardize on Zotero as my reference manager. Since I'll be writing in Word (or, unlikely, OpenOffice), Zotero should meet my needs.