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Monday December 27, 2010

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My name is Gregory Walsh, Greg to my friends and Groegory to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I think I was named after Greg Brady by Earth paents. Tom and Denise adopted me after I was found on the side of the road near my Martian ship. I'm only kidding, my parents are from Mars, too.

To fully understand me, let's look at my life. I was born in Pennsylvania on December 6, 1974 at a very young age. My parents moved me into a quainte townhouse where our neighbors were the Malonoski's of Methacton Highschool fame. We then moved past the Mason-Dixon line and ended up in the Old Dominion, well actually Dragonfly Lane in Richmond, Virginia.

From Virginia, I was transported many a time and in the aspect of time let's continue when I came to the Methacton School District. It was here that I decided to be a robotics technician and build a machine like in Star Wars. I had an incredible amount of trouble with my fourth grade teacher who wouldn't let me use the computer in the classroom until my parents bought me one at home. This was my first year in this area and I'm sure it left some emotional scares that will haunt me and force me to go on several talkshows.

From there I decided to be a doctor like everyone else in my Enrichment classes. This soon faded when I received my first grades in tenth grade biology. I was trapped in a void of unknowing (this sounds far greater than it was) and was brought on vacation to the same place after fourth grade...Walt Disney World.

The first time I was there, it left a memory of happiness at the end of one-hundred eighty days of HELL. This second time I went, it gave me a purpose in life- to be the guy that drives the Jungle Boat ride! OK, maybe not. Actually, to become the head of the Disney Company! or a cartoon voice.

The latter is pretty much what I want to do. You'd never guess how hard it is to find a school with that major. So I decided to go to Bloomsburg and study, ready for this wonderful topic, MASS COMMUNICATIONS WITH AN EMPHASIS IN TELEVISION ACTING AND DIRECTING AND TELEJOURNALISM, or cartoon voice. I plan to intern at the Music Television Network as a personality on a show. If all goes well I'll then turn to directing and take the torch from Steven Spielberg and win an Academy Award and have my own theme park and a big house with air conditioning and...

Jun 9, 1993

EDITOR's NOTE: I graduated from Bloomsburg with that degree AND did radio and cartoon voices...just not for Disney.