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Monday December 27, 2010

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This one is just plain stupid. I can't believe I would have done better than a C on it.

One of the most interesting points of Aristotle was his "super school", Lyceum. This school was very interesting in the fact that every so many days, they would elect a new school supervisor from among themselves. Another interesting point of the school was the zoo. This was one of the first zoos in history. The idea was to bring animals and plants from around the world to Greece. Here, Aristotle studied the animals as best he could to find more about them. His idea of a zoo for studying animals can still be seen today.

Plato's idea of schooling came in the form of removing the children. When the children became a certain age, then they would be taken away to the countryside to be educated. By taking the children away, they would not learn the hatreds and prejudices that their parents would instil upon them. Theoretically, this would only have to be done to one generation because that group would give their children the ideals that were given to them. The biggest problem I see is who would be that one teacher for them all and who would say that his or her ideals are better than anyone elses.

In my oppinion, Aristotle's idea of school is far better and practical. The reason I say this is his idea of hands on learning is very supperior and is being copied today in many places and probably even more so on this eve of a new world.

Nov 9, 1992