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Monday December 27, 2010

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Steven Spielberg

Imagine a dark theatre. The curtains open and the music plays "da dun-dun-dun da dun da dunnn" as big spotlights illuminate a giant number twenty. For the next two hours you are magically transported to a whole new world where anything can happen and your cares are taken away. This great experience is only possible through the work of the director. I feel that the greatest director of our time is Steven Spielberg.

Born in Ohio in the late forties, he grew up an average childhood. He was in the Boy Scouts and today is still active in scouting. He went to college to study television and began his career in this field. His first movie was called "Amblin" which was about a girl walking cross-country. The name of his first film became the name of his company, Amblin Entertainment Company.

One of the attributes that makes him the best director of our time is his use of music in his movies. Movies like ET or Indiana Jones or Back to the Future all can best be identified by their music. In fact, the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind had a piece of music as the theme throughout and was nescessary to the characters for the denoument. One person that is important to Mr. Spielberg's movie-music is John Williams who is the conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra.

When one thinks of modern directors, George Lucas may come to mind. He is an excellent director but what seperates Spielberg from Lucas is his diversity. Steven Spielberg is involved in television ( Amazing Stories), and cartoons (Tiny Toons).

These different facts prove that Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time. His humanitarian efforts, his use of music and his diversity all prove it.

Jun 2, 1993

EDITOR's NOTE: This wasn't really June, but that's what the floppy disk says.