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Monday December 27, 2010

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He-Man vs. Tiny Toons

The reason He-Man was my favorite was his simplicity. It was a struggle of goo vs. evil in a fantastic setting with surreal charaters. These charaters made the cartoon enjoyable to watch and easy to understand but if watched today, they would probably bore me and I'd revert to channel surfing.

Channel surfing is flipping through channels rapidly and the reference to surfing comes from moving quickly through the air-waves. It is my guide to how well I like a show. If I flip while the shows on, it stinks. If I flip only during the commercials, it's average and where most shows fall but if it's really good I'll watch the commercials too, waiting for the show to come back on which is the case of Tiny Toons.

This show keeps me so entertained, its unbelievable. The humor makes me laugh so hard, my mother tells me to shut the door. The characters somehow relate with someone I know which makes me laugh more or a situation is the same like when I'm walking down the street and an anvil falls on my head. The plots are corny and so are the jokes but when put together with parodies of movies or television shows, its a riot. Even the credits are funny. At the end of the show they put a short message disguised as a credit like "The Top Four Reasons We Used David Letterman's Charicature."

The reason for this change could be my maturity. People find as they get older, that life is not always the good-guy wins scenerios like in He-Man. Life should be laughed at or we all die of stress diseases. Maturity is different than growing up. Maturity is how you see the world and how you handle yourself with those perceptions.

Nov 16, 1992