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Disney Infinity was the Best Video Game System

Tuesday August 23, 2016

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Thanks to a recent sale at Walmart, my family is now the proud owner of all the Star Wars Disney Infinity Figures. I know what you're thinking, "Wow, congrats... that is a big accomplishment!" Ok, you may not be thinking that but Disney Infinity was the best video game system on the market.

Why do I keep referring to it as a system? Because it was really an Operating System for video game hardware. Sure, you could buy it for the PlayStations, the XBoxes, and Wii family of systems but it was a uniform experience across all of them. Each version of Infinity allowed for playets which were small self contained games that keep my young kids (and me) entertained. With the release of Disney Infinity 3, the developers released other kinds of games that use the characters in new ways (fighting, racing) and really extended what the game could do. In fact, we haven't taken out the Infinity Game discs since they first came out. This game OS has been all we've needed for video game fun.

It really is a shame that the series has been cancelled. Our family has found it fun and the level programming interface has been a really great intro for my oldest. I understand that yearly releases were unsustainable but I hope a third party comes along and licenses the IP and make compatible games in the future.