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Hoping for .@BaltCitySchools two-hour delay.| After sleeping on it, ePortfolios should be renamed to Reflective Learning Management Systems…that is more descriptive of intent #aacu15| I think ePortfolios would be great for our students. #UX work is best displayed in a portfolio and grad school lends itself as well #aacu15| ePortfolio vendor just came up to me and explained what they did.It is a webpage with student work that follows students and tracks #aacu15| RT @curriculargeek: @gxwalsh Fair enough: they’re easy to do poorly. Used wisely, though, they provide a learning that’s difficult to achieve in other ways.| ePortfolios are web pages with student work. The real power comes from inc in the classroom. But this discussion is tech or institution| I’m having a very hard time with #ePortfolios. Whenever someone talks about it, all I can think of is the Emperor’s New Clothes #aacu15| Just learned about Concerns Based Adoption Model. Is this from OrgPsych or is it an instructional technology thing? #aacu15| So ePortfolios mean a lot of different things to different people #aacu15| RT @justin_fenton: Maryland’s public information act law stinks. RT if you agree/fav if you really agree| DSCF0465 [Flickr]| DSCF0395 [Flickr]| DSCF0143 [Flickr]| IMG_20150112_161343695_cc [Flickr]| IMG_20150112_160822597_cc [Flickr]| Links for 2014-11-21 []| Links for 2014-11-07 []| Links for 2014-10-27 []| Links for 2014-10-21 []| Links for 2014-10-17 []| Links for 2014-10-15 []| Links for 2013-09-10 []|