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I would love some ‘Parklets’ around neighborhoods in Baltimore| Freight trains slow down Amtrak via .@citylab| Hydrating, sleeping, documenting – Don’t Miss: Unorthodox tips for improving your programming skills| USB-C is another Apple idea forcing us to buy adapters – Why the MacBook?s New USB-C Is the Port of the Future| I wish these things somehow kept me using them – Awareables: The Technology of Superhumanism| “@MairZdoatz: Op-Alt: An open letter to the mayor @city_paper @dennisthecynic” W.O.W.| RT @ChipChantry: ISIS makes some good points… #5WordDealBreakers @midnight| RT @bo3881: @gxwalsh Thats not a bad idea…..| According to one of my students, Norman’s Seven Stages of Action include “make money” & “get paid”| RT @justin_fenton: Conversation in Annapolis has gone from arming Baltimore schools police to disbanding the force by @EricaLG| DSCF0465 [Flickr]| DSCF0395 [Flickr]| DSCF0143 [Flickr]| IMG_20150112_161343695_cc [Flickr]| IMG_20150112_160822597_cc [Flickr]| Links for 2014-11-21 []| Links for 2014-11-07 []| Links for 2014-10-27 []| Links for 2014-10-21 []| Links for 2014-10-17 []| Links for 2014-10-15 []| Links for 2013-09-10 []|