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Start of #summer| It’s official…I *am* cool: Next up, Arnette Catfish glasses| Last day of #kidsteamub| My favorite kext in Mac OS X:| “You’ve got merger!” Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4B| Me:get me a coke. Friend:No. Me: sudo,get me a coke. Friend: ok| RT @miguelrios: “Venture capital is not free money. It?s debt. And then some” why it confuses me how tech celebrates raising money.| #Ubalt #UX programs helps designers and devs meet in the middle – Designers And Developers: No Longer A House Divided| RT @insideuniversal: Nintendo, Universal Team Up For Theme Park Attractions –| Robust conversation of people with resources to hang out on Twitter #baltimore| DSCF1070 [Flickr]| DSCF1067 [Flickr]| DSCF1066 [Flickr]| DSCF1063 [Flickr]| DSCF1060 [Flickr]| Links for 2014-11-21 []| Links for 2014-11-07 []| Links for 2014-10-27 []| Links for 2014-10-21 []| Links for 2014-10-17 []| Links for 2014-10-15 []| Links for 2013-09-10 []|