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RT @danagould: RIP “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. If you have not seen They Live, change that.| RT @TiVo: Here?s to the world?s greatest #heel. A true original & real entertainer. RIP #RoddyPiper. #piperspit #WWELegend| RT @NPR: From Canes To Closures, Designing With Style For People With Disabilities @SeamsPodcast| .@BaltimorePolice Missing 10 year call from Foxtrot over Patterson Park.| Foxtrot is screaming details of a person…is a kid missing?| RT @paulmgardner: @EricaLG I’m confused as to what Say Yes brings to the table. If the city wanted to pay last dollar scholarships cant they just do that?| RT @DeraLuce: #PrimeDay is like when grandma says “help yourself to the candy jar!” but it has nothing but raisins and sugar-free salt water taffy| RT @AmandaRosenberg: #PrimeDay – it’s like reading SkyMall on the ground.| I don’t know if this was .@BaltimoreDPW or DOT but you can’t keep your concrete in a pile over night| RT @farman: First high resolution photo of Pluto causes concern.| DSCF1070 [Flickr]| DSCF1067 [Flickr]| DSCF1066 [Flickr]| DSCF1063 [Flickr]| DSCF1060 [Flickr]| Links for 2014-11-21 []| Links for 2014-11-07 []| Links for 2014-10-27 []| Links for 2014-10-21 []| Links for 2014-10-17 []| Links for 2014-10-15 []| Links for 2013-09-10 []|