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RT @MairZdoatz: Mobile ID World | Smart Toys Will Chat with Children and Get to Know Them| RT @adruin: Happy 50 yrs of the #UMD iSchool! Our Provost addresses visitors, alumni, faculty, staff, students, & more!| Thrilled to celebrate .@I_UMD ’s 50th anniversary!| RT @BaltimoreBrew: Beyond embarrassing @mtamaryland what the epic @chris_whong hack may have done to improve #Baltimore bus service| Everything old is..well even older still. Radio faxpaper let people listen to newspapers then print out in 1930’s| Former Nintendo Jerry Momoda shares his review system for arcade game #UX Takeaway: learn from competitors| This Robear to help nurses care for elderly patients in Japan seems very cultural non-transitive.| Class assignment inspiration – clever game controllers made from simple IKEA products + smartphones.| Significance testing banned by BASP bc people misinterpret p-value’s meaning. .05 level made up #research #resubmit| RT @dariodaprile: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.”- Scott Adams| DSCF0465 [Flickr]| DSCF0395 [Flickr]| DSCF0143 [Flickr]| IMG_20150112_161343695_cc [Flickr]| IMG_20150112_160822597_cc [Flickr]| Links for 2014-11-21 []| Links for 2014-11-07 []| Links for 2014-10-27 []| Links for 2014-10-21 []| Links for 2014-10-17 []| Links for 2014-10-15 []| Links for 2013-09-10 []|